Lumbar Spondylolithesis

Condition/Diagnosis: Lumbar Spondylolithesis

Overview: This condition occurs when one of the bones in your spine (vertebrae) slips out of place. Although most common in the lumbar spine, or the lower back, this can happen anywhere along the spine.

-Some people may experience no symptoms at all
-Ranging (in severity) leg and back pain
-Tingling in the legs

Treatments: Some cases can be controlled with the use of medication and interventional techniques such as epidural steroid injections to help improve pain. Some cases require surgery. In this surgery a surgeon puts in, “hardware” in order to fuse the vertebrae together and limit movement to that section of the spine. The surgeons at Colorado Brain and Spine Institute will utilize advance techniques including spinal navigation and minimally invasive techniques to treatment the problem. We utilize various approaches for the surgery based on clinical presentation, imaging results, and body habitus.