At Colorado Brain and Spine Institute (CBSI), we take the time to determine what your individual needs are. Every patient is unique, and so are your symptoms. Radiographic studies may be obtained, including: x-ray images, CT scans, and MRI images to help us determine the root cause of your pain or condition. These findings are pertinent for your neurosurgeon in determining whether surgical intervention is required. In many cases, surgery may not be required. Our neurosurgeons will meet with you to diagnose, and formulate the best treatment options for your individual needs.

Peripheral nerve conditions may be caused by a multitude of reasons. Most commonly, the peripheral nerves can be caused by injuries sustained by playing sports or other trauma related accidents. Tumors can also grow on the peripheral nerve, at which point, surgical intervention may be required. EMG/Nerve Conduction Studies can be obtained to properly diagnose peripheral nerve conditions.