Condition/Diagnosis: Epilepsy

Overview: This central nervous system disorder (brain disorder) occurs when nerve cell activity becomes disrupted. In other words, the nerve cells in the brain stop communicating for a short period of time. This lack of communication can then cause unusual behavior, sensations, or loss of consciousness.

Symptoms: Symptoms of epilepsy range in severity some may simply stare into space while other could experience twitching of the arms and legs (seizures).

Treatments: Most commonly the solutions to epilepsy are medications and surgery. However, it is not unheard of for children who develop the disease to outgrow it and not have a problem with it in their adult lives. When surgery is required, the surgeons at Colorado Brain and Spine Institute work closely with neurologist to find the area of the brain causing the seizures. We often map out the brain prior to surgery to plan a more precise surgery and improved functional outcome. We utilize microscopic surgery, brain mapping, and advanced radiology and imaging for successful post-operative outcomes.