Hydrocephalus Condition/Diagnosis Overview:

When a buildup of fluid (cerebrospinal fluid) begins to put pressure on the brain and does not allow for normal brain function and structure. This can cause several other problems as well. This condition occurs most often in infants and older adults.

-An unusually large head
-A rapid increase in the size of the head
-A bulging or tense soft spot (fontanel) on the top of the head
-Poor feeding
-Eyes fixed downward (sunsetting of the eyes)
-Deficits in muscle tone and strength, responsiveness to touch, and expected growth
-Balance changes
-Urinary Incontinence

Surgical treatment with shunting can regularly restore cerebrospinal fluid levels in the brain in order to reduce pressure and regulate brain function. The surgeons at Colorado Brain and Spine Institute may elect to use advanced technology of Neuro-navigation to place the shunt. There are various types of shunts that allow the surgeon and his team to program the shunt depending on your symptoms and radiology findings.