Brain Aneurysm

Condition/Diagnosis: Brain Aneurysms

Overview: In essence an Aneurysm is a bulging in the blood vessels. In other words, the middle coating on the blood vessels begins to waste away due to constant blood flow. This causes it to enlarge and potentially become a greater problem.

Brain Aneurysms: This type of Aneurysm occurs when the blood vessels in your brain waste away and fill up with blood, which can in turn, cause there to be bleeding in the brain when the vessel ruptures.

Symptoms/Warning Signs: These Aneurysms usually come without warning or symptoms, but can rupture and cause internal bleeding which can become fatal if untreated. Sometimes, the aneurysm may cause severe headaches or other focal neurologic deficits including:  double vision, balance changes, nausea and vomiting.  Often, when the aneurysm ruptures, it may cause a “thunder clap headache” or “worse headache of my life” on presentation.  In severe cases, a ruptured aneurysm can result in coma, neurologic deficts, or death.

Treatments: These occurrences can be found with various types of imaging that include: CT, MRI, and Angiograms. If found the damaged part of the blood vessels can be surgically treated to prevent bleeding. The surgeons at Colorado Brain and Spine Institute help determine the best treatment options for patients with brain aneurysms. We present all patients at a multidisciplinary conference with multiple doctors to make sure the patient is presented with the ideal treatment for their aneurysm.