Pituitary Tumors

Condition/Diagnosis: Craniopharyngioma

Overview: Formed near the Pituitary Gland (responsible for hormone secretion and body functions) in the brain a Craniopharyngioma is a noncancerous tumor that can affect the Pituitary gland and the function of surrounding structures. Although it is possible for this tumor to be found in someone at any age it is most common in children and older adults. This tumor only accounts for 2 to 4% of all cancer cases. This tumor is most commonly found by the use of MRI.

-Growth failure
-Delayed puberty
-Loss of normal menstrual function or sex drive
-Increased sensitivity to cold
-Low blood pressure
-Diabetes insipidus (DI), causing increased thirst and urination
-Breast milk production (galactorrhea)

Treatments: The best solution to this condition is to surgically remove it to reduce the risk of it affecting the pituitary gland as well as sections of the brain responsible for sight and other functions.