Brain Lymphoma (Primary Cerebral Lymphoma)

Condition/Diagnosis: Brain Lymphoma (Primary Cerebral Lymphoma)

Overview: This particularly rare form of cancer occurs when cells that are found in the central nervous system, or the brain, called lymphocytes, become cancerous and affect the tissues of the body, which they use to travel. While a form of brain cancer this cancer can occur in the eye and the cerebrospinal fluid as well as the brain.

-Changes in speech
-Changes in vision
-Leaning to one side when walking
-Loss of coordination
-Numbness to hot, cold, and pain
-Personality changes
-Weakness in hands
-Weight loss

Treatments: This cancer can be found and diagnosed by
• CT scan
• slit-lamp eye exam
• blood work
• biopsy
• lumbar puncture to look at cerebrospinal fluid