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What sets us apart?Elliot listening

Listening.  Only you can tell us about your specific issues and how that affects you!  We take great care in listening to the details of our patients stories as those details often lead us to keys in uncovering the root cause of spinal issues and their associated symptoms.

A Team of Excellence

Our multidisciplinary team of highly specialized surgeons work closely together to give you the specific care you need. During your initial visit, our doctors are thorough, taking time to listen to you and review your history,  radiographic studies and complete a physical exam in order to properly diagnosis your symptoms. Together, they will then review and talk through all your treatment options, exhausting all conservative therapies prior to surgical intervention.

Photographs © 2012 Barry Staver www.barrystaver.com 303.880.8063

Photographs © 2012 Barry Staver

Surgical excellence.

Knowing that each case is unique we have a variety of surgeons who each have experience and extensive training in specific surgical procedures.  This gives you the option of exploring every surgical option specifically around you.  Our surgeons also specialize in treatments of minimally invasive techniques, making the surgical process as easy as possible and keeping the recovery period minimal.