Peripheral Nerve Injuries

Peripheral nerves are fragile, and can be damaged very easily. There are many ways to damage these nerves. Most commonly, peripheral nerve can be damaged due to:

-Over exercise, or strenuous activity

-Physical trauma including: Sports related injury or motor vehicle accidents

-Repetitive strenuous use and motion required by specific job duties

Nerve injuries can interfere with the brain’s ability to communicate with muscles and organs, causing muscle weakness, and numbness and tingling of the arms and legs.

What are my treatment options?

Tests such as and EMG/NCS can be obtained to determine nerve damage and function. After the problem has been identified, a treatment plan can be formulated. In many cases, conservative treatment such as physical therapy can be done to help strengthen the muscles. In more severe cases, surgical intervention may be required. Peripheral nerve injuries should be addressed as soon as possible to repair damaged tissue in order to prevent further complications and permanent damage. Consult with your neurosurgeon if you believe you may have a peripheral nerve injury.