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Deep Brain Stimulation proves effective treatment for reducing Parkinson’s disease symptoms 

Individuals suffering Parkinson’s disease face a number of debilitating motor skills-related symptoms, including stiffness, tremor, rigidity and slowed movement, that affect daily living. For those whose symptoms cannot be controlled solely by medications, deep brain stimulation has potential to serve as an effective additional treatment. According to the National Parkinson Foundation, deep brain stimulation (DBS)… Read more »

What Exactly is a CT Scan? 

    A computerized tomography (CT) or computerized axial tomography (CAT) scan is a painless, noninvasive diagnostic test that can show organs, bones, tissues, and even blood vessels. Rather than taking an image of one spot, like the traditional x-ray, a CT scan rotates around the patient taking a continuous picture that can be divided… Read more »

Stretches for Lower Back Pain

What Are Some Recommended Stretches for Relieving Lower Back Pain? Lower back pain often happens after sprains and strains occur in the complex lumbar region. These muscles, discs and ligaments surrounding the lower part of your spine take on a lot of stress as time goes by. The key to lessening back pain is to… Read more »

What is the Difference Between Laser Surgery and Minimally Invasive Surgery?

As technology continues its exponential development, medical procedures have reaped the benefits. Surgical procedures are becoming less invasive, requiring less recovery time and imposing less risk to patients and practitioners alike. Spinal surgical procedures are no different, also benefiting from recent developments. Minimally invasive spinal surgery takes advantage of technology in a couple of ways…. Read more »

How to Lift Heavy Objects Without Injuring Your Back  

Improper lifting technique is a major cause of back pain, especially among people who must routinely lift heavy objects on the job. This is because most stress from lifting centers in on the lower back. Proper body mechanics shifts this stress from the vulnerable back to the much stronger and more resilient leg muscles. The… Read more »

When Is Spine Surgery the Right Step in Your Search for a Pain Free Back? 

When you’re experiencing chronic back pain, the thought of having spine surgery may seem scary. Surgical procedures come with risks, and you may be worried about undergoing a surgical procedure. You may be surprised to find that many patients never need surgical intervention to enjoy pain relief. However, when conservative options don’t work, it’s important… Read more »

The Future of Spinal Surgery: Robotic Navigation  

Spinal surgery is usually only considered after more conservative treatment methods like physical therapy and medications have already been tried. This is because surgery of the spine can be very risky, with even minor errors creating serious problems for the patient. For this reason, spinal surgery requires an especially high level of instrument positioning and… Read more »